73-36-31. Reciprocity.

A person not a resident of and having no established place of business in Mississippi, or who has recently become a resident, may use the title of registered forester in Mississippi, provided: (a) such person is legally licensed as a registered forester in his own state or county and has submitted evidence to the board that he is so licensed and that the requirements for registration are at least substantially equivalent to the requirements of this chapter; and (b) the state or county in which he is so licensed observes these same rules of reciprocity in regard to persons licensed under this chapter. Each person seeking the privileges of reciprocity granted under this chapter shall submit his application to the board and must receive a card or certificate from the board before exercising such privileges. The fee for obtaining a license through reciprocity shall be the same as charged a Mississippi licensee.

Laws, 1977, ch. 475, § 15; reenacted, 1983, ch. 326, § 16; reenacted, 1991, ch. 330, § 16; Laws, 2000, ch. 601, § 12; reenacted without change, Laws, 2004, ch. 416, § 16, eff from and after July 1, 2004.