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The following have been adopted by the BORF on the 23rd of January, 1990 and amended on February 8, 1996 and July 30, 2002 and February 11, 2009.


Any person who has a bachelor’s degree or higher from a university or college of forestry in a curriculum in forestry acceptable to the Board and found by the Board to be substantially equivalent to curricula in schools accredited by the Society of American Foresters.


  1. Application, provided by the Board, must be completed.
  2. Transcript or Diploma from graduating college must accompany application.
  3. Five reference forms provided by the Board must be completed. Three of the five must be completed by registered foresters. A reference form for students only was adopted by the board on September 26, 1996, requiring just signature of five forestry professors. (All reference forms will be kept confidential.)
  4. The registration fee will be fifty ($50.00) dollars and must accompany application. This fee will allow the applicant to take the exam twice in twelve months, if failed the first time. Successful applicants will be charged no more fees until the next renewal period.
  5. All new registrants must renew their licenses at the same time as all other registered foresters.


  1. All registrants are required to take a written examination.
  2. The primary location for administering the examination will be Mississippi State University College of Forest Resources in Starkville, Mississippi. Other locations may be approved by the Board. The Board will provide applicant with the time and place of the examination.
  3. The applicant may use any desired reference material while taking the examination.
  4. The examination will consist of one hundred true/false or multiple choice questions.
  5. Applicants will have a maximum of three (3) hours to complete the examination.
  6. Applicants must correctly answer at least 70 questions in order to pass.
  7. Examinations will be administered by a board member or by an individual approved by the board.
  8. Applicant will be notified, by mail, within thirty days of the results of the exam.
  9. Applicants will be allowed to examine completed and graded examinations at the domicile of the Board under the supervision of the Board's authorized representative within thirty days after receiving notification of the examination results. After that time completed and graded examinations will be destroyed.
  10. Examinations will be administered on dates and at times as deemed necessary by the board.


  1. Upon successful completion of an examination, applicant will be issued a license and corresponding number.
  2. Registered forester will receive a Certificate of Registration and a wallet-sized identification card.


  1. Licenses expire on December 31 of odd numbered years.
  2. Renewal applications Renewal applications will be mailed one month prior to expiration of the license. It is the responsibility of the registered forester to keep the Board informed of any address change.
  3. Prior to December 31, the licensee must return to the Board the completed application along with Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) documentation and the renewal fee of forty ($40.00) dollars. For any renewals received at the Board Office after December 31, the fee for renewal will be eighty ($80.00). After March 31, the license will be revoked.
  4. To insure that Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) work is reported accurately, the Board will randomly audit renewal applications. Those whose application is chosen for audit will be requested to supply a complete description of the course work with verification of participation. It is a Forester’s responsibility to acquire and file documentation when attending a class or workshop.

Continuing Forestry Education (CFE Requirements):

Click here to view the Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) requirements.

Expired Licenses:

Any license not renewed before the expiration date of December 31, shall be invalid and the person practicing forestry with an invalid license shall be in violation of the Forester’s Registration Law of 1977. After March 31 following the expiration date, any delinquent license shall be revoked for non-renewal. A person with a revoked license will be required to reapply as a new applicant, pay a registration fee and pass an examination.

Upon approval of the renewal application by the Board, the licensee will be mailed a current identification card.


In order to receive BORF reciprocity in Mississippi, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a four (4) year Forestry degree or greater from an SAF accredited forestry school or a forestry curriculum approved by the MS BORF.
  2. Successfully pass a written exam, essentially equal to the MS BORF exam, administered by the original granting state that has a current Reciprocity Agreement with Mississippi.
  3. Have a personal and/or business residence that is outside the political boundaries of the State of Mississippi.
  4. Provide evidence of licensure with a state that has a current reciprocity agreement with Mississippi.
  5. Upon approval of licensure, the applicant will be issued a Mississippi reciprocal license and must satisfy all MS BORF licensing and renewal requirement in the future license renewal periods. Maintenance of the license from the original granting state will be required for continuance of the Mississippi license.
  6. Upon becoming a resident of Mississippi, the licensee will no longer be required to maintain a non-Mississippi license.

Complaints and Hearings

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