Continuing Forestry Education Opportunities

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CFE Ethics Requirement (2 options)

  1. Attend an Ethics Presentation in person. Presentations will be offered around the state. Check the BORF Links page here for possible dates and locations that presentations may be offered.
  2. Review the Ethics Presentation. MSU Continuing Education Ethics Presentation is available on their web site here.

About Meetings and Courses

How do I find courses to meet my required 16 hours?

Are there any meetings in my local area?

How do I get a program or course pre-authoirized for CFE credit hours?

  • Ask the Sponsor of the program or course.
  • Call or e-mail the BORF office for instructions.

How will enforcement of the Board's CFE requirements be handled?

  • Registered Foresters are required to conduct themselves in an ethical manner as provided by the canons issued by the Board (See Code of Ethics).
  • Fraudulent activity in reporting CFE participation to the Board will be a violation of these canons and may result in a fines or the revocation of licenses.
  • Registered Foresters should make certain that proof exists of their participation, such as certificates, inclusion on meeting registration lists,etc.
  • When asked for documentation, the burden of furnishing proof of compliance shall rest with the Registered Forester

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