Code of Ethics for the Registered Forester

  1. I will strive to be accurate in my knowledge of forestry and will disseminate this knowledge and speak out against the spreading of false or misleading statements concerning forestry.
  2. I will advise only in a worthy and truthful manner, refraining from misleading or exaggerated statements concerning what I am prepared to perform.
  3. When participating in a public or private fact-finding session, I will base my testimony on adequate knowledge of the subject, and will not withhold data in order to substantiate my point of view.
  4. I will perform services of only the highest standards and with complete loyalty to my employer or client and will not voluntarily disclose information about the business affairs of my employer or client which the employer desired to keep confidential.
  5. I will provide only the services for which I am qualified by experience or education, and, in practice, will not agree to deviate from accepted professional standards without first advising the employer or client of the expected consequences.
  6. I will not obligate myself to a potential employer or client where I have a business interest which might influence their judgment concerning the activity I am expected to carry out.
  7. I will not accept compensation for the same service from more than one employer or client without full disclosure and consent of all parties concerned.
  8. I will engage or recommend other experts and specialists in forestry or related fields whenever my employer or client will be best served by such action, and will work cooperatively with them.
  9. I will aid the Board in keeping persons, unqualified because of lack of good moral character or inadequate training, from being registered.
  10. If I have evidence of violation of any of these canons by any Registered Forester, I will present the information to the State Board of Registration for Foresters.
  11. I will obligate myself, without reservation, to utilize all of my forestry knowledge and experience for the use, benefit, and betterment of my fellow man and his environment.

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